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Welcome to From the Ashes

From the Ashes is a laid back, mature guild where making friends matters more than the rank of our members.  All Ranks and Classes are welcome. We care more about our members enjoying the game than we do about having the perfect balance of classes.

From the Ashes enjoys all aspects of Warhammer Online. Our members frequently participate in PvE, Public Quests, Scenarios and RvR. However we will never require that any of our members participate in all aspects. We firmly believe that WAR is a game that we all play for fun. The guild will never pressure any member to change what they feel is the fun way to play the game. We have both scheduled and impromptu guild events that are open to anyone who wishes to join. No one will ever be turned away due to not having a specific class or specialization. Lastly if you ever need assistance with something is game; please feel free to ask in guild chat. Many of our members have characters in all Tiers and are more than willing to help.

Key Beliefs of the Guild

  • Quality, friendly players are more important to us than having a large guild.
  • All our members are important, while the officers will make suggestions for the guild, all of our members input is welcome before a final decision is made.
  • We are determined to be a drama free guild. We are all here to have fun playing a game, as long as we keep that in mind the Drama can be avoided. 
  • We encourage our member to be active in Guild Chat, Vent and the website and this keeps the guild active both in and outside the game.
  • Any issues or feedback both good or bad is welcome, please just bring any issues/feedback to the attention of the leadership.
Recruiting Information
From the Ashes is currently recruiting new members. While our primary focus is on recruiting quality new friends to join our family, below we have listed some of the most popular areas other guild recruit. We have listed our feeling on these areas.


From the Ashes welcomes all classes. We would never require that a player play a specific class. We also welcome player to specialize their character how they see fit. We will never have a specific specialization requirement.


From the Ashes welcomes all ranks. We believe that everyone is important to the guild no matter their rank.


While we welcome players from any timezone most of our players are EST, CST or PST.

Guild Advancement

From the Ashes has many opportunities for advancement. We are currently looking for Officers in both the EST and CST timezones. We also are looking to fill our Battlemaster positions with those who enjoy leading parties or warbands.

Trial Recruitment Policy

We are currently running a trial recruitment policy. If you join From the Ashes at Rank 10 or lower, when you reach Rank 20 the guild will pay for your first mount.

This will apply to one character only, not any alts you may place in the guild. This is currently a trial policy and may be terminated at any time.

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